MyIX unveils new logo as internet traffic touches unprecedented high during current MCO

The Malaysia Internet Exchange (MyIX) has unveiled a new logo to reflect Malaysia’s progression into a fully-fledged Digital Economy with internet connectivity being the key enabler.

In a statement, the exchange said that the new logo, inspired by traditional Malaysian weave craft, represents the exchange’s values and brand promise. The overlapping lines and colours are symbolic of constant internet connectivity and efficient traffic handling, while the bright and vivid tones create a sense of energy and movement.

This development comes on the back of MyIX announcing that demand for internet connectivity throughout Malaysia has touched unprecedented levels during the current Movement Control Order (MCO).

Its chairman Chiew Kok Hin said that the exchange recorded internet traffic of more than 1Tbps in June 2021, almost double the 588Gbps posted during the first MCO.

He added that MyIX had foreseen the rise in demand and that the exchange, being in essential services, had worked round-the-clock in recent months to prepare for this anticipated rise in demand.

“Due to more organisations adopting a work-from-home culture, MyIX had prepared accordingly by increasing the number of nodes to seven throughout Malaysia,” said Chiew. He also attributed the record demand to households consuming a greater amount of audio-visual content coupled with e-learning initiatives.

These nodes are essentially satellite switches located at various sites; thereby enabling members and peering partners to connect to internet service providers (ISPs) and content distribution networks (CDNs).

Four of these nodes are located at Cyberjaya, while others are located in Kuala Lumpur, Iskandar Puteri in Johor and Kuching in Sarawak. They serve to provide additional exchange points for ISPs, CDNs and members to better connect with one another, and to ‘triangulate’ constant availability to end-users.

“The nodes also ensure improved latency for interconnectivity with other networks,” Chiew explained. “They would be instrumental in further enhancing the stability and performance of internet connections, lowering connection costs while minimising traffic ‘bottlenecks’.”

“We are working closely with some telecommunications operators who have added more ports at MyIX to alleviate traffic congestion,” said Chiew as MyIX is classified as critical national infrastructure.

He added that the exchange’s membership base has also increased to 121 members, including foreign giants like Amazon, Huawei, Google, Microsoft and Netflix. Bru-Hass (B) Sdn Bhd, Baishancloud Technology Co Ltd and Telenor Myanmar Ltd had also recently signed up as members.

MyIX has also expanded its membership and partnership base to include enterprises in line with the continued evolution of the internet landscape. This is in line with MyIX’s prime objective of keeping ‘local traffic local’, so that enterprises may directly peer (exchange traffic) with each other and other members.

MyIX, an initiative under MCMC, is Malaysia’s only non-profit national internet exchange body operated by industry.

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