So, When Will The Cases Come Down Doc?

Tension is simmering in Selangor as daily Covid-19 cases refuse to come down despite the Enhanced MCO action taken by the National Security Council, citizens in the state have showed frustration and are venting their dissatisfaction on social media.

The state with a population of 6.5million with mostly in urban setting are starting to feel the fatigue and not to mention the businesses that have lost of their 2021 income due to the 6 weeks on non-operation. Many are asking the government to relook at their pandemic management strategy as the whole state lockdown system is clearly not the answer.

So how long will the EMCO be in Selangor? We turn to the experts for this answer, according to Ministry of Health Health Director Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham he expects the country’s daily Covid-19 cases to stabilise and show a decline in the next one to two weeks’ time. He said that the vaccination drive nationwide and public health controls such as the current movement control could flatten the curve of the pandemic again.

The spike in new cases over the last few days was due to more targeted screenings being implemented, especially in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, which are currently under the enhanced movement control order (EMCO).

MOH had expected that with the lockdown in the Klang Valley areas, the daily cases will increase due to the implementation of the targeted and community screenings. For the record Malaysia has been recording 9000 cases daily for the past few days a record from the first case hit our shores.

source: Ministry of health Malaysia

Dr Noor Hisham also said that from the experience and lessons learned from the second wave of Covid-19 previously, the country would need to be more cautious and not rush to open several sectors that could trigger a surge in new cases.

As limited number of sectors opened during this period, the contribution of cases have been linked to the manufacturing sector, where enforcement of the standard operating procedure (SOP) is needed if the spread is to be contained.

Healthcare System Level

In explaining the capacity situation at several hospitals, which were reported to be overcrowded with Covid-19 patients, Dr Noor said that MOH was actively increasing the hospitals’ capacities to accommodate patients, especially those under Category Four and Category Five, in the intensive care units (ICUs).

“The problem we face is that the Category Four and Category Five patients take a long time to be treated in the ICU, between two to five weeks, including requiring ventilators.

“These are the constraints we face because the number of patients in Category Four and Category Five is also increasing. That’s why the MOH is doing its best to increase the hospitals’ capacity,” he said.

There are five categories of the Covid-19 disease. Category One — asymptomatic; Category Two — mild disease; Category Three – moderate disease (pneumonia, not requiring oxygen); Category Four — severe disease (pneumonia and requiring oxygen); and Category Five – critical disease (multiple organ impairment, possibly requiring assisted ventilation).

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