Local Platform For Content Creators to Monetise Live Streams

Fareez Afham founder of Ulalive Inc

Fareez Afham, 29, the founder of Ulalive Inc, is a multitalented individual, a passionate gamer and entrepreneur. While still maintaining his profession as a fully qualified commercial pilot and entrepreneur, he found an opportunity to up-scale the favourite go-to and highly-used media of many influencers  and  content creators- live streams.

Curating a unique live stream solution in the form of Ulalive,  Fareez  created a functional platform complete with an e-commerce gateway and up-coming app for creators to monetise their content.

Ulalive is described on their website as a social media live streaming  platform built with integrated ecommerce solutions which enables creators to stream their video  content exclusively to their subscribers. Unlike other current social media platforms, Ulalive enables interactive 2-way interactions between the broadcaster and viewers in real-time with high video quality at 1080p. It allows users to follow and chat with each other, allowing endless virtual and real-world connections.

Having received pre-seed funding of USD300 000 before their official  launching, Fareez attributes this to his angel investors who have developed trust on his capabilities after much due diligence while also understanding that startups need all the support they can get with the potential to generate high returns later.

According to Fareez, currently there is no livestream platform where users can enable e-commerce functions to generate an income. On Ulalive, subscribers can sell products and also promote other brands and receive commissions.

Also, the difference between other social media platforms and Ulalive is that while YouTubers and Tiktokers have to provide free content and only getting paid when they reach a certain amount of followers, with Ulalive,  subscribers can directly receive payment for their work through a subscription model.

For example, if someone wants to access a subscriber’s exclusive content, they would have to pay a certain amount before being able to enjoy that content. There are public and private sections in Ulalive to advertise freely, promote and eventually monetise content. This subscription platform can be used in tandem with other free social media channels as well.

The two-way interaction between live streamer and their audience is what sets Ulalive apart from other types of livestreaming platforms. In terms of technology, they implement RTMP RTSP ,which means one to many- where one can stream to a large audience and change or switch audiences while selling products live with other content creators.

Businesses can also implement Ulalive into their websites to provide live streaming directly through individual websites.

Ulalive is currently in their beta testing phase, working with beta testers and selected users before they officially launch the platform on a web application, aiming for around mid October 2021. The team at Ulalive are made up for eight programmers and User Interface (UI) designers  who are working on their web application version before moving on to a mobile application version at a later date. Pricing and user feedback are also being investigated now to make Ulalive a competitive offering.

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