Snaptec’s Aurra Pro Leads The Future of Water Purifier In The Market

It’s time to step into the future of the water purifier. Designed ahead of time of how the water purifier will eventually lead the lifestyle of modern society, is what Malaysian Founder and Inventor, Neal Wong had in mind when creating Snaptec’s Aurra Pro.

Aurra Pro is the very first water purifier in the world to be powered by android like your phone, that allows for a user interface and feature-set that’s not seen on other water purifiers so far in the market.

Imagine having an interactive water purifier that tells you the amount of water intake you need and how much you have consumed daily. In fact, you can personalise with custom setting of temperature of your choice or just simply choose 3 main temperature of room, warm or hot setting at Aurra Pro.

When you buy Aurra Pro, both you and the Snaptec can connect online with your water purifier through an online app called Snaptec Watertrack that monitors your personalised hydration target and gives you daily, weekly and monthly reports.

This is a great feature for today’s lifestyle where everyone is busy and tend to take their health for granted.

Aurra Pro also comes with a large interactive 7″ touchscreen that looks like your phone with light & dark themes to suit your taste.  

“All water purifiers use nano-filtration, which means that we are able to remove all harmful particles and heavy metals, while preserving the minerals in the water which are highly beneficial to the body. This is the latest in water purification technology,” says Neal.

“I believe most households in Malaysia already have water purifiers or at least know of the importance of a water purifier. We know that if we create a water purifier that has better features and technology and reasonably priced in the market, the demand for it will be there,” added Neal when asked the reason behind Aurra Pro’s invention.

As for the future plans, Neal stressed that it is important to constantly upgrade the technology and improve the quality of our water purifiers.

Neal remarked that they have already begun the development of their very own proprietary instant cooling system. Imagine pouring a can of soft drink into a device and having it chilled instantly in less than a minute. This is just one of the things Neal and his R&D team are working on right now, and they plan to integrate this technology in future versions of the Aurra.

Neal Wong with his invention of Aurra water purifiers

“In future, there’re plans to introduce more and more features on the software side and we believe in giving our users the option to customise and personalise their Aurra,” said Neal.

“For the longer term, we also have plans to introduce a water purifier that can also dispense coffee, tea, and other beverages besides just plain water

As for the payment, Snaptec has creatively designed a payment scheme whereby you pay with the amount of water you consume. Payment is based on the litres one consumes.

“This is done to reduce the overall monthly charges for our customers from all the savings we get with our watertrack technology. This always equates to greater savings for our consumers,” added Neal.

With real-time updates, you need not worry about your Aurra Pro getting obsolete. In fact, it gets new features and updates periodically. Welcome to a world where your water purifier is innovatively designed to serve the demands of modern living with great cost savings.

To check out Snaptec and their offerings, head on to and use the interactive chat function on the website or click on the “contact us” portion of their website. Their team is knowledgeable on all aspects of water and will gladly answer all your questions. As per most e-commerce businesses these days, Snaptec can also be reached via their lazada and shopee store. Just search for “Snaptec”.

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