Hong Seng KRC Project Not For Glove Manufacturing

In reference to the recent publication by various media including BusinessToday, the stated investment of RM3 billion for a Nitrile Glove manufacturing plant in Kedah Rubber City will not be for gloves but instead, it will be for NBL which is the synthetic latex required to manufacture nitrile gloves with Malaysia is currently the world’s largest producer and supplier.  

This was referred to in relation to a Master Services and License Agreement the company entered with Pacific Hemisphere Sdn Bhd to engage PCF as a technology provider in relation to the KRC NBL Project. Nevertheless, the project is still a massive undertaking and will place Malaysia among the biggest rubber glove industry with the development of Kedah Rubber City.

Nitrile Butedine Latex is a synthetic latex which has a milky color and a liquid form and is used for dipping rubber for medical and laboratory gloves, etc. thanks to its excellent tensile strength, oil resistance.

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