SKALE’s Marketing Tool Drives In-store Sales

Hit with COVID-19 lockdowns, local brick and mortar businesses were supported by SKALE with its all-in-one marketing tool that has been driving in-store sales.

SKALE says it is also ready to aid even more businesses in driving in-store sales and footfall ahead of this busy period with the economy opening up.

Over the last year, the pandemic has plunged the retail industry into greater uncertainty with the implementation of periodic lockdowns and movement restrictions across the country.

In fact. 30% of shops at malls have closed and more than 300,000 workers have lost jobs since lockdowns began. To make matters worse, more than half of Malaysian SMEs (58%) are not ready to reach their full potential when deploying digital technologies. This has accelerated the need to empower SMEs with the right tools to effectively market their products, producing the results needed to help them survive and hopefully, thrive.

To this end, SKALE allows small businesses to easily launch PushAds (digital ads), Digital Vouchers, Smart Store Posters, a Page and Personalised SMS and Email campaigns in just a few simple clicks. Businesses can choose and reach their target audience with well-optimized digital ads across major platforms (Instagram, Facebook and Google) in four easy steps.

These allow offline retailers to acquire new customers into their stores and grow their customer database instantly. A local premium furniture brand Chesters Collection recently worked with SKALE to drive online sales for their office chairs segment targeting the work from home audience. Since the store re-opened, SKALE is also working with the brand to drive back footfall and in-store sales.

“Digitising is no longer a convenience, but a necessity. Online businesses have been tapping on digital marketing and different digital mechanics to drive online sales for a long time. But not all offline businesses, especially SMEs, have been able to do the same seamless transition and find a way to capture customer data and use it to effectively drive store sales. For us, we take pride in being able to help these SME offline retailers to increase their footfall and sales in an increasingly digital world,” says SKALE CEO, Siah Yuet Whey.

Leading-Edge Digital Marketing

SKALE was launched with the aim of becoming the simplest and most accessible tool to help Malaysian retailers acquire new customers and grow sales effectively. 

SKALE was conceptualized before the pandemic struck Malaysia, as the team had long intended to democratize marketing for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Effective marketing has always been thought to be expensive and out of reach for smaller businesses, as these strategies are typically used by large corporations investing millions of dollars on a single campaign. In fact, it was found that in pushing forth digital transformation, 32 % of SMEs lacked knowledge and skills, with 47% deeming the cost of deployment and sustaining that digital transformation too high. These are major pain points that SKALE wants to address through its offering by simplifying and lowering the cost of marketing. 

“I started SKALE as a way to lower the entry barrier for small businesses, helping them gain access to effective yet affordable marketing tools on a single platform. Contrary to popular belief, the tools required to build a creative and effective marketing campaign are not confined to those with deep pockets. With the right tools, business owners can market their products at very affordable rates through SKALE.

“It has been a great pleasure working with a variety of retail brands, especially offline retailers as Malaysia undergoes a recovery period from COVID-19. Our aim is to work with many more in the short and long term, to ensure we are able to continuously innovate our products to better suit the needs of underserved brands,” adds Yuet Whey.

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