Pestech Awarded KLIA Upgrading Work Worth RM743 Million

PESTECH Technology has won the bid for work in relation to design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning for APM and other maintenance for KL International Airport.

The contract worth RM743 million is for 3 years on the D&B Works, while the O&M Services for 10 years from March 2025 until February 2034. The project involves the replacement of new APM vehicles (aerotrain), power supply, communication and signaling systems, station APM equipment, maintenance facilities, and equipment, amongst others. It will also include rehabilitation work of the existing 1.2km of APM infrastructure to be implemented whilst the service of the APM between the Main Terminal Building and Satellite A Terminal is to be maintained under minimal interruption during all phases of the Project.

With the upgrades, the APM will offer improvements in interior appearance, energy consumption and diagnostics.

According to Pestech, the project is aimed to bring enhanced transit infrastructure service for visitors of KLIA offering a safer, more comfortable, and improved reliability transport system hence providing a more effective and dependable experience for all travellers. MAHS is looking at the new APM to contribute to the sustainable development of KLIA in its ambition in moving towards a clean and efficient driverless system.

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