Global Digital Ad Spend Will Grow 85% To US$753 Billion By 2026

According to a new study conducted by Juniper Research on digital advertising, it found that global digital advertising spend will increase from $407 billion in 2022 to $753 billion in 2026; representing a growth of 85%. The report also found that mobile in-app revenue will account for 56% of global spend by 2026.

In addition, the report indicated, whilst privacy changes from Apple and Google are restricting the potential for effective ad attribution, there are still major opportunities. The availability of the SKAdNetwork on iOS, for example, is a major opportunity for advertisers to access aggregated data; allowing them to target areas primed for growth, such as child-safe applications.  

Privacy Concerns Must Be Addressed to Ensure Accurate Attribution  

The report predicts that total mobile in-app advertising spend will increase from $201 billion in 2022 to $425 billion in 2026, as brands strive to secure consumer trust. It urges enterprises to clearly outline their data collection, storage, and usage policies, in order to optimise opt-ins.

Research author Scarlett Woodford remarked: “With recent data collection policy changes by technology giants creating further challenges for mobile attribution, enterprises must adopt a code of best practice to maximise return on advertising spend and support probabilistic attribution models.”

PC Advertising Growth to Slow Amidst Mobile-first Economy

Interestingly, the report notes that desktop advertising spend will increase from $97 billion in 2022 to $142 billion in 2026, despite a diversion of spend towards handheld devices and the implementation of data protection regulation impacting cookie policies.

As for platforms, video is identified as a key channel for advertisers, with video ad spend expected to grow by 63% over the next four years, as the success of popular distribution channels, such as TikTok and YouTube Shorts, continues to drive demand for video advertising and justify premium charges.

To get maximum impact on digital ad spend, marketers are urged to ensure that video ads are optimised for smartphone and tablet consumption.

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