Universiti Malaysia Pahang and Aspen Technology to Build an Ecosystem of Knowledge Sharing

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The Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering Technology (FTKKP) of Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) and Aspen Technology (AspenTech) are collaborating to prepare graduates to meet industry demand in the field of chemical and process engineering technology.

Digital transformation is central to the students’ preparation and through this collaboration, learning opportunities will be made available through a range of initiatives – such as skills training, student development, executive programs, education training hub status, career fairs, as well as an ongoing awareness drive across learning institutions in Malaysia and beyond. This ecosystem of knowledge will address the technical skills shortage and drive digital learning by accelerating the use of AspenTech’s leading asset optimization software.

The collaboration will focus on the following objectives:

  • To promote competency development for UMP students and academic staff via a series of training and certification programs.
  • To incorporate AspenTech’s software solutions into UMP’s Chemical and Process Engineering Technology curriculum for both undergraduate and/or postgraduate programs.
  • To establish an AspenTech Centre of Excellence for training in asset optimization at UMP facilities – focusing on training of key stakeholders, including AspenTech customers. 

According to Acting Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Professor Dato’ Ts. Dr. Yuserrie Zainuddin, this initiative will enable UMP and AspenTech to work closely together towards achieving the common goals. Despite restricted face-to-face interactions during this ongoing pandemic, efforts to forge international collaboration, should not be hindered. 

“In fact, the pandemic has opened new modes of collaborations to explore student and staff competency development programs, joint research activities, and exchange of expertise toward offering life-long learning professional and technical education. I am confident that with our relentless efforts and commitment, we will be able to achieve more and develop stronger relationships between UMP and AspenTech,” he added.

According to Associate Professor Ir. Dr.-Ing. Mohamad Rizza Othman, Project Leader for the Competence Center for Smart Integration System in Process Industries (CC-SISPI), “This collaboration marks another milestone for a good example of University-Industry collaboration that will benefit beyond UMP and AspenTech. More importantly, it will prepare our students for a fast-changing, technology-driven, unpredictable future”.

Reportedly, Malaysia’s 2022 Budget is encouraging upskilling and training related to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) practices. As companies start to automate, digitalize and embark on technology advancements, skilled talent in these areas is essential to productivity, efficiency, and safety. In the National OGSE Industry Blueprint 2021 – 2030, talent is identified as a key focus area to ensure the development of the oil and gas services and equipment (OGSE) sector. 

UMP & AspenTech To Build An Ecosystem of Knowledge Sharing

Lawrence Ng, Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan, Aspen Technology, highlighted, “AspenTech is pleased to collaborate with UMP, a well-regarded technical university, and strengthen the engineering talent pool in the community. In preparation for an increasingly digital process and capital-intensive industry, challenges, such as skills shortage, need to be addressed. Innovation-driven sustainability is mission-critical, and asset optimization software is well-positioned to bridge the gap between chemical engineers and data scientists, with the convergence of IT and OT.” 

In a 2021 report prepared by AlphaBeta for Google, titled “Positioning Malaysia as a regional leader in the digital economy: the economic opportunities of digital transformation and Google’s contribution” – the benefits of digital transformation are clearly spelled out at USD 61.3B worth of economic value in 2030. 

David Reumuth, Senior Director, AspenTech’s global Customer Support & Training organization, highlighted, “Today’s graduates entering the workforce need skills beyond those from traditional engineering programs. Digital technology is reshaping the industry as sustainability, digital transformation and asset optimization drive corporate initiatives. As corporations increasingly rely on AspenTech’s digital solutions to stay at the forefront of innovation and achieve these goals, this partnership and competency development program will help UMP develop graduates who are industry-ready and poised to be leaders as industries rapidly evolve.”  

A recent government report titled “Malaysia digital economy blueprint” outlined the country’s aim to transform into a technologically advanced digitally-driven country and a regional leader in the digital economy by 2030. In fact, this digital economy is projected to contribute 22.6% to Malaysia’s gross domestic product and create 500,000 new jobs by 2025.

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