T7 IR Launched as Recruitment and Manpower Arm

From left to right: 1. Azman Yakim, Head of Energy Division of T7 Global 2. Russell Marland, Head of Recruitment & Manpower Services of T7 Global 3. Datuk Seri Dr. Nik Norzul Thani Bin N. Hassan Thani, Chairman of T7 Global 4. YB Datuk Haji Awang Bin Hashim, Deputy Minister of Human Resources 5. Tan Sri Datuk Seri Tan Kean Soon, J.P., Deputy Executive Chairman of T7 Global

Energy solutions provider today launched its recruitment and manpower services arm, T7 Intelligent Resources (T7 IR), at the OTC Asia 2022 conference.

T7 IR, which is wholly-owned by T7 Global, has over 20 years’ experience providing recruitment and manpower supply services to a range of industries across Asia. Since its inception, T7 IR has been growing as an innovator in the recruitment and manpower supply business. Its experienced team of consultants and support staffs have delivered projects and operations across a few key sectors: upstream & downstream of oil and gas industry, information and communications technology, renewable energy, rail & infrastructure, and banks.

“T7 Global has rebranded itself in 2016 with a mission to further expand its business in the oil and gas industry by offering various technical support services, such as engineering, procurement & construction, operations & maintenance, integrated well services, specialist products & technology as well as recruitment & manpower services, to its customers,” Datuk Seri Dr Nik Norzrul Thani N Hassan Thani, Chairman of T7 Global said.

“Along the years, we realize that the demand for skilled manpower resources in oil & gas industry remains high, especially from the technical field. We therefore took the initiative to establish T7 Intelligent Resources in 2014 to channel and match the demand and supply of skilled manpower resources with the corporate sector. Today, our focus is not only on the oil and gas industry, but also expanded to the field of information & communications technology as well as the new energy economy sector, which is gaining ground among the corporate sectors. With this launch and inauguration of T7 IR today, we will be able to further boost our company’s brand and create awareness to attract more skilled, professional manpower as well as corporate groups to participate in our human resources management solutions,” he added.

“The Ministry of Human Resources welcomes T7 Intelligent Resources’ vision to be one of the private agencies in managing digital talent, the oil and gas sector as well as the new energy economy sector that is growing rapidly in Malaysia,” Deputy Minister of Human Resources Malaysia, Datuk Haji Awang Bin Hashim said.

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