Hotel Maya KL brings back traditional kampong favourites this Ramadan

Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur is creating traditional kampung favourites as a lead up to and during Hari Raya this year, in an effort to celebrate the signature dishes and delicacies from Malaysia’s various states.

“We are bringing the best of traditional Malay cuisines to Hotel Maya so that patrons may enjoy the best of Malaysia at the heart of Kuala Lumpur where our hotel is located. These unique dishes are currently available and we aim to create a fulfilling and satisfying experience for all our valued patrons,” said the hotel’s General Manager, Sharmini Moganasundram.

The signature Citarasa Simfoni Malaysia Buffet dinner started from 3rd April and will extend to 30th April from 6.30pm to 10.00pm.

Patrons would have unlimited kampung favourites with 13 specialised stalls and more than 100 dishes. Signature dishes include Udang Galah Masak Hijau Berserai, Daging Tetel Asam Pedas Melaka, Kari Kepala Ikan, Patin Masak Tempoyak & Ketam Masak Cili.

Diners would also be spoilt for choice when they visit the restaurant’s Warungs showcasing various specialties.

To start, diners may choose to indulge in traditional Ulams, Kerabu, pickles and condiments. The Warung Aneka Sup features heart-warming local soups such as Sup Kambing, Sup Tulang

and Bubur Lambuk.

If you fancy grilled items, the Warung Bakar Bakar Lorong Binjai makes fresh grilled squid, Kambing Bakar, Kambing Golek and a selection of fish with special condiments to complement each item.

Malaysian tea time favourites, meanwhile, would be available at Warung Dang Wangi and Warung Goreng-Goreng Kampung Baru with servings of Pisang Goreng, Cekodok, Rojak and so much more.

Continue the experience down memory lane with local sweets. Savour Ais Kacang, Cendol, Len Chi Kang, Ais Krim Potong, Sago Gula Melaka, and a variety of local fruits.

At RM110+ per adult and RM55+ per child, reservations and enquiries can be made through the F&B hotline:


Hotel Maya also has an offer of Pakej Simfoni Rembulan (A night stay + Pre-dawn meal + Buffet Dinner) and details are in the image below:

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