Passengers Lodge Report, Not Satisfied With MAS Response On Tawau Flight Incident

According to reports, three of the passengers who boarded Malaysia Airlines flight MH2664 which encountered a flight incident are seeking the airline and the Malaysian Civil Aviation Authority to conduct a transparent investigation into the harrowing experience they encountered.

All three passengers lodged separate police reports on the incident and asked the report to be made public. They could In their response, the passengers say they can’t accept the excuse given by MAS in a statement that flight MH2664 from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) turned back due to technical issues with the aircraft and that the technical problems “were compounded by bad weather en route”. One of the passengers said the weather at that time was good and the pilot had also turned off the seat belt sign, while the stewardess was serving food when the aircraft plane suddenly went out of control.

“I am sure the plane was in a diving position. At that time, only death came to mind with other passengers screaming and crying,” he said. While another claimed that she ”floated” off her seat during the incident and was still traumatised by the incident which lasted about 10 minutes.

“The weather was fine then, and I had taken some pictures a few minutes before the incident, the sky was blue, there was no rain, it was a hot and shiny day.

“A thorough investigation should be conducted immediately on the black box as it involves public safety,” she said.

Meanwhile, one passenger said has been having problems sleeping and that incident had caused injuries to his chest. At that time I had finished drinking and wanted to sleep when the plane dived, I floated, and at that time, I thought I would die, and when the plane landed and we got out of the plane, I noticed that all the passengers looked pale,” he remarked.

Meanwhile, CAAM, (Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia) said the aircraft made an air turnback to Kuala Lumpur International
Airport as per the required safety procedures and landed safely at 5.03 PM. The pilot in command and co-pilot managed the technical issue safely and returned to Kuala Lumpur for the required maintenance action. It also said preliminary data has shown correct responses by the operating crew following the issue onboard.

The authority added it will continue to monitor the situation and will not compromise on any issue that could potentially jeopardise the safety and security of airlines’ operations and the public.


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