eCommerce Platform and PDRM Raise Awareness On Online Scam

ShopeePay Malaysia and Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) jointly held a forum today to raise awareness for the public as a way to address and combat the rise of online scam and e-commerce-related crimes. This initiative is designed to educate consumers on how to identify online scams and advisory on how to navigate online platforms safely and securely. 

The forum was held as a live broadcast on several online platforms such as Shopee Live and PDRM’s official Facebook page. It also featured three distinguished speakers with expertise in combating consumer-related crimes and protection.

The panel members reminded Malaysians to always perform checks in official channels before making any decisions when contacted by anyone who claims to be a government officer or bank representative. Other key takeaways include:

  1. Scams are a type of dishonest or fraudulent scheme. Personal data such as credit card or banking details are attractive for scammers as they can gain access to their victim’s money, often moving the funds somewhere where they cannot be recovered easily.
  1. Scammers use social media and communication apps to find their next unsuspecting victim. Common types of online scams are job scams, that happen via WhatsApp or SMS; phishing scams; and impersonation tactics, where the scammer claims to be from a bank, LHDN or even Shopee.
  1. ‘Stop, Protect, and Report’. When a user realizes a scammer is contacting them, they should stop all contact and block their number, protect themselves from possible risks by calling the bank and check their mobile devices for malware, and lastly, gather evidence and lodge a police report.

“ShopeePay is proud to support and work closely with PDRM to educate our users. Some programmes that we have initiated include the on-going Fraud Awareness Program. The Fraud Awareness Program is an in-app microsite with online shopping safety tips and guidelines to avoid getting scammed,” said Alain Yee, Head of ShopeePay Malaysia.

“In order to constantly protect our users, ShopeePay sends out notifications to users on a monthly basis with updates such as latest scam tactics and how to avoid getting scammed,” he added.

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