Allianz General Revamps Panel Of Authorised Repairers

Allianz General Insurance is inviting PIAM Approved Repairers Scheme workshops nationwide via open tender to join its panel of Allianz Authorised Repairers for the year 2023 and 2024.

The German insurer said the invitations will be sent out to all PARS workshops nationwide on 11 October 2022 and those interested to submit applications before 17 October 2022.

Allianz Authorised Repairers are an integral part of the group’s 24-hour accident service, which has served over 330,000 customers since its launch. Allianz General previously revamped its panel workshops in 2020 and went on to engage 195 PARS workshops through an open tender process.

General Chief of Claims, Damian Williams said: “This exercise is about embracing the competitive and competent culture and reaffirming our commitment to delivering the best value-added services to our customers. So, we are looking for PARS-certified repairers that match our service expectations and can provide Accident and Roadside Assistance services and other value-added services to our customers.”

In addition to the revamp of panel repairers, Allianz General has also enhanced the SOPs to support and ensure panel repairers can stay profitable and remain resilient. 

Amongst others, the Company is introducing upfront payments for all repairs. Fifty percent of the total approved sum will be paid upon approval (includes initial approval and approval of supplementary reports, etc), followed by 25 percent paid (includes supplementary approval) and upon the Repairer’s update of repair progress at 50 percent, with the final 25 percent paid on the same day once relevant documentation is submitted.

Allianz Road Ranger is a 24-hour accident service offered to all Allianz Motor Comprehensive policyholders to ensure that customers experience an easy, seamless journey when making an accident claim. The service includes a 24-Hours Helpline Assistance; the Allianz Road Ranger fleet (First Response Bike Brigade and Allianz Tow Truck); Claims Concierge Service; e-hailing Voucher; Claims Express Approval; and Vehicle Delivery. 

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