Selangor Reserves Swells Ten Times Since Taking Over To RM3.4 Billion

The state’s reserve savings, which stand at RM3.4 billion, is an increase by as much as 10 times their value compared to when the current administration first took over.

Menteri Besar Dato’ Seri Amirudin Shari said in 2008 Selangor had about RM400 million in savings, which continued to grow even though the annual expenditure to support the people also had to be factored in.

“From 2008 onwards, between RM300 million to RM500 million is used yearly. The reserves may be bigger if we did not use these funds, but that is not something to be happy about.

“That would mean there is plenty of money but no help and support (provided) to the people. So in 2019, we rectified and augmented the existing programmes via Iltizam Selangor Penyayang to empower and increase the people’s capacity,” he said

He added that the programme, is aimed at assisting the people in areas of health, education, housing, income, and financial issues facing them.

In September, the Menteri Besar said Selangor recorded over RM3.4 billion in reserve savings in August, the highest since 2012. This marks an increase of RM1.3 billion, in contrast to only RM2.1 billion when he first took office and headed the administrative leadership

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