Can Syed Saddiq Achieve His Goals In Muar?

Syed Saddiq presented his five-point plan on November 14 for the parliamentary constituency, focused on tourism, digitalisation, the high-value chain furniture business, and an environmentally sustainable green Muar.

The five-point objective is to empower and protect Muar’s local industry, to empower and promote Muar as a tourism centre in northern Johor, to make Muar a clean and sustainable city, to bring Muar into the digital age, and to establish and ensure Muar’s excellent governance.

During his previous term, Muar electorates benefited from RM50 million in development and welfare.

Syed Saddiq also stated that he appointed Ernst & Young to perform a good governance evaluation in 2021 to guarantee that the administration of his service centre may be enhanced further.

What was his five-point plan?

  1. The furniture industry to produce local products that can be exported internationally.
  2. Work with a lot of stakeholders to make Muar one of the main tourism destinations.
  3. Make Muar environmentally mindful as part of a long-term strategy.
  4. Continue the initiative of distributing laptops and tablets for education.
  5. Work with small-time merchants to enhance e-wallet usage and literacy.

So can we see Syed Saddiq doing equally as well or even better in his next term? Can he also make sure this five-point plan is achieved?

Let’s wait and see!

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