Nano Commerce and Retailetics Launch ezyCart with AI-Technology

photo credit: Retail Customer Experience

Nano Commerce, the commercial arm of NanoMalaysia has launched ezyCart.

ezyCart is Southeast Asia’s first and only Smart Shopping Cart what is 100% conceptualised, designed and developed in Malaysia by investee company, Retailetics.

NMB is an agency in nanotechnology and advanced solutions commercialisation under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI).

When the pandemic struck, larger grocery retailers, namely hypermarkets & supermarkets, were quick to adopt new innovations to facilitate checkout, locate products in the store and keep customers up to date on products and promotions.

It is unlikely they will ever go back to the pre-pandemic ways now that their customers are used to, expect deeper personalisation, and avoid checkout queues with seamless checkout and cashless payment services inside the cart.

With an intuitive user interface that is supported by real-time data from sensors, cameras and Artificial Intelligence (AI), ezyCart enables grocery retailers to engage shoppers and deliver personalised and frictionless experiences inside their stores while gaining access to real-time insights into shopper preferences and behaviour and boosting brand value, footfall, sales and customer retention. ezyCart and its shopping systems are patent-pending in 9 major patent offices worldwide.

“The digitally enabled shopping cart powered by Internet of Nano Things (IoNT) system, data analytics and artificial intelligence promises both significantly improved shopping convenience and safety in terms of quick information accessibility, product location navigation and on-site payment as well as minimising physical contact,” Chief Executive Officer of NanoMalaysia, Dr Rezal Khairi Ahmad said.

Since January 2020, Retailetics has successfully developed ezyCart using IoNT Solution for Retail Platform, including integrating beacon technology for cart navigation, items detection and promotional activities at the designated shopping sections.

This solution, paired with wireless technology, enables efficient power management of the carts. Through this project, Retailetics created an enhanced retailing ecosystem through three components: ezyList, ezyRetail, and ezyCart.

“NanoMalaysia’s joint effort with Retailetics is an outcome of the 4IR-inspired REVOLUTIoNT programme to digitalise further our lifestyle for a better alignment with Malaysia’s 4IR Policy and MyDigital Blueprint. It will also assist the company and other potential enterprises in capturing a slice of the Internet of Nano Things market at USD 36.17 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 24.12% from 2020 to 2025,” Dr Rezal added.

For the project’s next phase, the development of Retailetics’ custom-manufactured carts is targeted for the second quarter of 2023, while ezyList and ezyRetail have been further enhanced with new features for better functionality. ezyRetail can now track ezyCart usage, status and other functional information.

At the same time, the ezySupport application has been developed to support customers shopping in-store who might face difficulties with their ezyCart, such as price and promotion mismatch, barcode or other technical issues on products that require store personnel assistance.

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