Campsite Operators Must Submit Operation Profile For Licensing

All campsite operators in Selangor have been tasked to submit their operating information to the local authority in order for the licensing process to take place, this comes after a devastating landslide incident at a campsite in Batang Kali that killed 31 people.

Local Expo, Ng Sze Han said his side requested the cooperation of businessmen to be involved in the census process that has been carried out since last month to facilitate the process of temporary license approval. “I call on all campsite operators to contact their respective local authorities and participate in this census to help the State Government identify all campsites in the state in detail. “After that, we will move forward to inform the process to obtain consideration for temporary license approval depending on the suitability of the campsite,” he told Selangorkini.

According to the Exco, only Hulu Selangor Municipal Council and Kajang Municipal Council have received several responses through the census. “These two localities have many camping sites. “However, there are still some PBTs that have not received any feedback from the campsite operators,” he said. From February 1, Selangor issued a statement calling all campsite operators in Selangor to be registered with the local government.

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