Singaporean Muslims To Pay RM23,000 For Umrah Package During Ramadan

Prices of tour packages for pilgrims to Saudi Arabia have hit an all-time high here, as Muslims flock to perform the Umrah ritual in the holy cities of Mecca and Madinah.

Although the minor pilgrimage can be performed all year round, many worshippers wish to do it during the upcoming month of Ramadan, travel agents told CNA.

The Association of Muslim Travel Agents Singapore estimated that up to 5,000 Singaporeans will be performing the Umrah during Ramadan, which ends on Apr 21. 

Mr Muhammad Ahmad, manager of Hahnemann Travel & Tours, said demand for tour packages in this season has gone up by about 40 per cent from the same period last year. His firm will be bringing three groups of pilgrims to Saudi Arabia.

Muhammad said they started receiving registrations for Umrah trips as early as November last year.

The pilgrimage tours now carry a larger price tag of up to S$7,000 per person, which is around 30 percent more than before, said Muhammad.

His firm tries to keep the prices as low as possible for the pilgrims.

“We either enter Mecca or Madinah earlier, so as to keep the cost low, or we move to a different hotel that has a better pricing so that we can cater to the masses, and then they will not feel the pinch of the heavy increase in prices,” he said.

According to Saudi Arabia’s pilgrimage ministry, pilgrims are only allowed to perform the Umrah ritual once during Ramadan. They are also urged to get the required permits before going and to stick to the specified dates allocated for their visits.

This ensures the comfort and safety of the pilgrims, and accommodates as many worshippers as possible

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