Sarawak Builds SEA First Solar Hydrogen Microgrid To Power 5G Towers

Solarvest Borneo Sdn Bhd has launched a Smart Solar PV and Green Hydrogen Testbed with the Centre for Technology Excellence Sarawak and Huawei Technology (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd showcasing a 425 kilowatt-peak 780 solar panels which is the largest solar system ever deployed in Sarawak.

Integrated with battery storage systems, the Testbed offers the flexibility to operate in a hybrid mode, both on and off the grid. It can be powered entirely by an on-site solar system to generate green hydrogen through electrolysis, which can then be utilized to power the 5G telecommunication system through a fuel cell that harnesses the chemical energy of hydrogen to produce electricity.

Through the implementation of solar-to-hydrogen microgrid systems, the Testbed is designed to facilitate a better understanding of the challenges and requirements involved in deploying solar and battery energy storage systems in green hydrogen production. By exploring various use cases for green hydrogen adoption, the Testbed will act as a catalyst for further research and innovation, ultimately promoting the scalability of green hydrogen technology in Sarawak and the region.

Director of Solarvest Borneo, Mr. Leon Liew Chee Ing said, “As envisioned by the Sarawak Government to transform the State into a major player in the hydrogen economy by 2027, we hope the Testbed can serve as an industry reference for future initiatives in green hydrogen production. Sarawak is poised to have the first large-scale green hydrogen production ready for export by 2027.”

This collaboration is a part of Solarvest’s 5-Year Strategic Roadmap to transform into a regenerative clean energy expert.

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