PC.com Awards 2023: Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) – Best Digital Health Service Provider

We are honoured and humbled to be named as PC.com’s “Best Digital Health Service Provider” this year, and are grateful to accept this recognition from the public.

We believe digital health solutions are the future of healthcare. To this end, we have created a ‘total hospital information system’ (THIS), a comprehensive digital ecosystem that allows for the seamless exchange of information across our hospital.

Our integrated healthcare information system, TrakCare, streamlines various aspects of our healthcare operations, including patient management, clinical documentation, medication management, and more. The system is also equipped with data visualisation tools to support data-driven decision-making and performance monitoring, allowing us to continually improve our services.

The overall backbone of our digitisation, TrakCare is further supported by a host of specialised software and tools across IJN’s medical departments. Our Laboratory Information System (called TrakLab), for instance, allows us to easily manage and streamline various laboratory operations; from ordering tests and tracking samples, to quality control and data analysis, this software-based system plays a crucial role in improving the accuracy and productivity of our various laboratory processes.

As a heart specialist centre, our electrocardiogram (ECG) management system, Epiphany, plays a crucial role. Designed to interface with ECG machines, this system manages all our ECG data, including data storage, interpretation, and analysis. Meanwhile, in our critical and intensive care units, we use a software called IntelliVue Clinical Information Portfolio (ICIP) to assist in managing patient data and care. ICIP is able to collect real-time data such as vital signs and ventilator settings and display them on a centralised dashboard, allowing our medical staff to easily monitor multiple patients at the same time.

With the growing volume of digital medical images generated across our services, picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) have been instrumental to securely store, transmit, and analyse these images. For example, Synapse (IJN’s Radiology PACS) is able to integrate with various imaging modes such as X-ray, CT scan, MRI, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine systems to acquire digital images directly from the equipment, enabling immediate access to digital data. This capability is further enhanced by our radiology information system, Viarad RIS, which coordinates workflows within the Radiology department to improve efficiency.

Synapse CV, the software IJN uses as a Cardiology PACS, offers a comprehensive range of tools to analyse cardiac imaging studies including cardiac computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans. Additionally, the IJN mobile application (Synapse Mobility) allows healthcare professionals to securely retrieve medical imaging and patient information remotely, enabling more flexible healthcare workflows.

IJN continues working towards delivering precision medicine, which customises medical treatment and care based on patients’ individual needs using data-driven insights and collaboration. The backbone to this effort has been our electronic medical records (EMR) system, where patient information, medical histories, test results, and treatment plans are stored securely in easily-accessible digital format on a single centralised system. This system, called TrakCare Patient Administration System, enables us to coordinate and manage patient encounters in an efficient and automated way.

Specialised software has also helped IJN in our goal to offer patients a more personalised experience. For example, we use an anticoagulation software, DAWN AC, to effectively manage heart patients receiving anticoagulation therapy. In addition to storing patient data, this software is able to analyse and calculate anticoagulant dosages based on individual patient factors, enabling us to adjust dosages more accurately.

We are also proud of an unexpected solution developed in-house during the pandemic: IJNSurveillance. Starting with a core number of features including a daily self-health declaration and integrated temperature checking with facial recognition, IJNSurveillance quickly evolved into a multifaceted platform to include a staff journey tracker, a vaccination management system, electronic screening tools, an automated contact tracing process, and staff training monitoring. At present, we are actively exploring other potential uses for the platform. IJNSurveillance has been named Technology Innovation of the Year at the Healthcare Asia Awards 2023, and earned the Excellence Award in Most Advanced Healthcare Technology at the Asian Hospital Management Awards 2022.

The pursuit of innovation is a core value at IJN. With the rapidly-evolving landscape of healthcare, IJN, or the National Heart Institute, will continue on our digital transformation journey to revolutionise the way we deliver care, enhance patient experiences, streamline operations, and drive better health outcomes for more people.

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