Organic Fields: Quality Health Products Made Affordable

Mr. Marcus and his Organic Fields’ team, all sharing one goal of making healthier living achievable for individuals from different walks of life.

by Ungku Mahani Aminah & Hardip Singh Rekhraj

Everyone desires to be healthy. In a world where chaos and stress often overshadow our well-being, the pursuit for a healthy lifestyle becomes an act of radical self-care and a testament to our desire for a vibrant and fulfilling existence. Health-consciousness and sustainability are at the forefront of consumer priorities, and discovering an organic brand that breaks barriers and redefines accessibility is a breath of fresh air. One common perception often associated with organic products is their higher price tag.

This is where a Malaysian start-up, ‘Organic Fields’ comes in to save the day by offering affordable and accessible products without the hefty price tag. Organic Fields is a brand that embraces the principles of wellness, sustainability, and inclusivity.

The Founder, Marcus Lai, a pharmacist by profession, saw the number of people getting sick due to unhealthy lifestyles. He made the decision to climb up the supply chain and promote high-quality, healthy products at reasonable pricing because he wanted to have a positive impact. Marcus launched Organic Fields with the intention of giving customers easy access to a variety of affordable organic and natural items. He was aware of the potential for organic and natural products to enhance general well-being. 

Organic Fields adopts a direct import strategy, buying goods from reputable producer and farmers around the world, to ensure competitive prices. Marcus was able to transmit savings to clients by getting rid of intermediaries and related expenses, increasing access to high-quality organic and natural products for a larger market. With this strategy, Organic Fields is able to lower prices without sacrificing the products’ integrity or quality, allowing customers to benefit from these items’ health-improving properties.

Started out small in 2013 under a different brand name with just 5 products, but with its strong market presence, Organic Fields has effectively grown its distribution network. Their products are now accessible at over 300 outlets across the country, allowing people to readily access their organic and natural choices. Furthermore, Organic Fields have extended beyond borders and now has a presence on the coasts of Singapore, making its products available to a wider worldwide audience. Having a commitment to providing 100% pure products that are either organic or all-natural, they prioritize consumers’ health and well-being above all else.
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Organic Fields is the market leader for superfood powder

Reaching beyond borders

One of the key pillars of Organic Fields’ mission is to advocate for sugar-free products. With rising health concerns about excessive sugar consumption, Organic Fields seeks to give options that prioritize healthful ingredients without foregoing taste. They are assisting consumers in making healthier choices and reducing their overall sugar intake by providing sugar-free options.

On top of that, Organic Fields takes pride in upholding strict quality standards. They exhibit their commitment to providing high-quality products by possessing the KKM MeSTI certificate and the Skim Pensijilan Makanan Organik Malaysia (Malaysia Organic Food Certification Scheme). Furthermore, they are working hard to get the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) accreditation as well as the Jakim HALAL certification, demonstrating their commitment to fulfilling industry standards and catering to varied consumer demands.

To further their commitment to delivering quality organic and natural products, Organic Fields is moving to a new state-of-the-art facility spanning an impressive 16,000 square feet. This expansion will allow them to improve their manufacturing capacity and fulfil the growing demand for their products. Organic Fields will be able to serve more customers and ensure the availability of their product line with a larger facility.

Overcoming challenges along their path

Organic Fields has had tremendous success, but not without obstacles. Organic Fields confront the problem of creating brand awareness and trust among consumers as a relatively new brand, having only been in the market for less than half a decade. Also, Organic Fields may face manpower constraints, which may hinder their capacity to scale their operations efficiently.

Adding on, environmental conditions like rainy seasons present difficulties for Organic Fields. Courier issues, delayed transportation, and damaged goods in transit can all have an impact on company operations. Additionally, because they import some materials from outside the country, output changes may occur due to external causes outside their control.

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Customers loves Organic Fields Australian rolled oats because of its freshness and great quality

As Organic Fields continue to thrive, making a significant impact in the organic and natural products industry, there are exciting possibilities for their future. Building upon their strong foundation, there are several areas where Organic Fields can further expand and contribute to the well-being of individuals and the planet. Say goodbye to synthetic chemicals and genetically modified ingredients, and embrace a lifestyle fuelled by nature’s finest offerings.

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