Earned Wage Platform Paywatch Ties Up With Visa

A trend that is increasing among employees is to get paid as they work, the concept of earned wage has caught the attention locally with platforms like Paywatch offering such services to employers.

To further enhance its offerings, the platform has signed MOU with Visa aiming to bridge the gap between traditional banking services and the unbanked populations in Asia.

The Earned Wage Access solution gives employees greater control over when to access their earned wages while guarding them against predatory lending practices. Paywatch plans to extend its reach to more of Asia’s workforce and promote financial inclusion by leveraging Visa’s cross-border capabilities, network and financial literacy, and digital education content.

“We’re thrilled to work with Visa to reinforce our commitment to financial inclusion across Asia,” said Richard Kim, CEO of Paywatch. “As we expand, this comes at a crucial time as we seek to explore innovative financial solutions that empower our users. Paywatch is committed to creating a more financially inclusive future for Asia’s workforce. Through innovative financial solutions, financial education, and strategic partnerships, Paywatch believes that financial inclusion is achievable and can benefit everyone.

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