John Richmond Boutique Opening at The Starhill

Pic: Fashion Network UK

John Richmond extends its growth in the East by announcing the opening of a boutique in Malaysia in August 2023. The boutique will be opened in the new visionary monument of modern luxury “The Starhill” in Kuala Lumpur in the new Starhill Piazza overlooking the renowned shopping street Jalan Bukit Bintang.

This is how John Richmond decides to experiment in addition to the opening of new market, the Experiential Marketing approach, focused on enhancing the customer’s consumption experience to convey added value related to the product purchase. The boutique at The Starhill will in fact allow the brand to fully benefit from the approach with which the latter was conceived, that is, to offer the best of Experiential Retail by entering an intimate, elegant, and refined lounge, where all visitors will be warmly welcomed and expertly guided by the taste makers, a network of style connoisseurs from all over the world.

Framing the experience is an interior design dominated by botanicals and verdant combinations that make The Starhill a small urban oasis where one can experience the thrill of a journey into the world of luxury, among numerous shops of high-fashion brands, from fine jewelry and watchmaking workshops, creations of art and culinary excellence, walks through modern art galleries to the luxury of the fashion Industry. The Starhill is interweaving all commercial and social activities present with creative workshops by designers, chefs, innovators, and start-up entrepreneurs aiming to build an inclusive community of discerning people where personalized and authentic experiences await all.

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