EVA Air Invites Malaysians to an Elevated Flight Experience

EVA Air launched its captivating ‘Elevating Your Experience’ campaign, inviting all Malaysians to embark on an exceptional flying journey.

The campaign is tailored specifically for Malaysian travellers seeking elevated comfort, convenience, and travel experiences. 

Through the campaign, EVA Air also showcases routes from Kuala Lumpur to several European cities which are Milan, Munich, Paris, Vienna, London, and Amsterdam. Passengers embarking on journeys to Europe via Taiwan will experience a seamless flight experience, ensuring that every moment is cherished with a touch of Taiwan’s charm and hospitality.

Spot the Truck, Catch the Luck 

As part of the ongoing campaign, EVA Air will bring its in-flight offerings on the road aboard an Augmented Reality (AR) Truck. The truck will be situated in The Starhill, Bukit Bintang (24 – 27 August) and The Sphere, Bangsar South (28 August) from 10 AM to 10 PM

Steps to win

  • Step 1: Start your adventure by scanning the QR code. This will unlock our immersive Instagram filter, available in the EVA Air Adventures Elevator. Step inside and let the magic transport you.
  • Step 2: Channel your creativity and craft your own unique IG stories. Share your creations with a mention of @evaairmy and the hashtag #elevatingyourexperience.
  • Step 3: With the new adventurous IG stories, create a brand new “highlight” labelled #elevatingyou and remember to set your profile as public!
  • Step 4: Scan the folded card’s QR code to access the contest form. Fill in your details and answer the question: What were the three destinations shown and which one of the destinations is your favourite? 

Upon completing these steps, you will receive a Boarding Pass card. Additionally, you will receive a notification if you emerge as the winner.

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