Celebrating Veterinaries Contribution To Food Safety And Animal Welfare

The Department of Veterinary held its Celebration of Veterinary Day and Animal Welfare Day 2023 at Lamanakan, MAEPS, Serdang starting 24 to 27 August with the event being officiated by Datuk Lokman Hakim bin Ali, Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security.

A fun-filled event with a host of activities and thrills, visitors attending will be enthralled with the bull exhibition, mutton breeds exhibition and sale, Meow Fiesta (Beautiful Cat Contest), sale of livestock-based products, Veterinary Clinic, and a load more exciting stuff.

This year’s Veterinary Day celebration theme is “Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness in the Veterinary Profession” which focuses on the recognition of the efforts and contributions of Veterinarians towards improving the well-being of the profession through the diversity of the veterinary field of activities that are increasingly challenging in addition to controlling zoonotic and cross-border diseases elliptic animal safety.

Additionally, the Animal Welfare Day Celebration was also held with the main purpose of inculcating public awareness to the society in Malaysia regarding responsibility, courtesy, love, and concern for animals.

The Department of Veterinary plays a crucial role in ensuring livestock or meat imported into the country are thoroughly checked and free from any diseases. With regards to meat import from Australia which Indonesia recently stopped due to the detection of Lumpy Skin Disease, DVS said it has taken precautions to temporarily restrict the importation until further investigation.

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