MGB Adopts Automation Tech From Italy For Its Factory In Saudi Arabia

MGB Berhad announced that its indirect wholly owned subsidiary, MGB International for Industry (MGBI) has entered into a memorandum of collaboration (MOC) with Nordimpianti System S.R.L. (Nordimpianti) and MCT Italy S.R.L (MCT Italy).

Under the terms of the MOC, MGBI will explore and collaborate with both Nordimpianti and MCT Italy in relation to coordinating, refining, automatising and utilising digitalisation technology to enhance the efficiency of machinery and optimise operations for producing Industrialised Business System (IBS) precast concrete products within MGBI’s factory in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In addition, MGBI intends to collaborate with both Nordimpianti and MCT Italy for consultancy and training on know-how to automate precast concrete production lines, and utilise Artificial Intelligence-driven concrete technology.

Nordimpianti is a manufacturer of machines and equipment for the production of prestressed concrete elements, primarily used in residential, civil, industrial and infrastructure construction applications.

In addition, it provides consultancy services to the construction sector.

Meanwhile, MCT Italy is an Italian incorporated company that has established a reputation for the supply of customised precast mixing plant & concrete distribution systems all across the world.

With over 55 years of experience, MCT Italy focuses on delivering Artificial Intelligence-driven concrete technology that enables customers to achieve the most efficient precast production possible by minimising operational errors as well as reducing waste and optimising costs.

MGB Executive Vice Chairman Tan Sri Ir. Lim Hock San said, “Nordimpianti and MCT Italy are very experienced in developing advanced automated production line machinery, which we will utilise at our factory and hence, the significance of our collaboration cannot be understated. Nevertheless, continuous improvement and innovation are crucial, especially in this era of digitalisation and increased usage of artificial intelligence, and industry players in Malaysia need to be able to match other industry players globally to maintain our competitiveness. With this, our workforce must be ready for the coming of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0). This is absolutely critical to ensure our future generations are not disadvantaged in the global economy.

This collaboration is in line with MGB’s in-house development, Value Driven Technology (VaDTech), which is designed to deliver high-quality, cost-competitive end-to-end solutions that add value to our businesses and customers. We are constantly innovating, developing and refining ways to improve our machinery equipment’s synergy and compatibility, and enhance operational efficiency to deliver quality products,” he concluded. 

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