MCMC Says Certain Media Are Weaponising Content To Manipulate

MCMC has called on specific media outlet MalaysiaNow’s news reporting pertaining to a specific speech delivered at the parliament and a senior journalist, A Kadir Jasin’s posting on his Facebook, on the importance of accurately representing the context of speeches delivered at Parliament.

The regulator requests the parties not to use the content to spread hatred or incite provocation. It is said to have been observed that some reporting has been weaponised to manipulate the content and fuel a disrespectful and divisive narrative.

In order to prevent the commission or attempted commission of an offense under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998, the MCMC calls for full cooperation from news outlets and individuals. MCMC views seriously the impact
of manipulative reporting on society.

It advises media and news outlets to refer to the Content Code, which provides clear guidelines for media practitioners on the standards of content in line with the CMA 1998. By adhering to the Content Code, media practitioners can ensure responsible reporting and avoid crossing the legal boundaries of free speech.

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