Zoom Bridging AI Innovations and Human Connection for Enhanced Productivity, Customer Experience

According to Ricky Kapur, Head of Asia Pacific at Zoom (pic), the unified communications company is focused on investing in AI-driven innovation that enhances user experience and productivity, while also prioritising trust, safety and privacy. “Only then can we empower our customers to be more productive, connect better with teammates and deliver higher-quality customer experiences, in a way that simply makes work less work,” he said.

Kapur was speaking at Zoom’s recent annual flagship event, Zoomtopia APAC 2023, on 4 and 5 October 2023. Zoomtopia APAC brought together thousands of customers, partners and communities in the region in a virtual event to explore how organisations can navigate a new modern work era.

As the region looks ahead to 2024 and beyond, the significance of flexibility and increased emphasis on productivity has redefined the way employees connect and collaborate – with each other and with customers. This demands a delicate balancing act, where businesses must seek to balance innovation, led by the rapid adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), with human connection.

“We believe that AI isn’t just about algorithms and automation; it’s about creating a synergy between technology and human connection,” Kapur said in his opening remarks.

Since Zoom’s evolution into a robust unified communications and customer experience platform, the company has achieved several key milestones in the region. Zoom Contact Centre launched across the APAC region with enhancements like Zoom Virtual Agent and Zoom Workforce Engagement Management adding to Zoom’s suite of platform solutions, and added 600 features in the past year.

Zoom has also worked with leading organisations across industries in APAC to reshape how they deliver employee and customer experiences, including Grab, Petronas and SingHealth in Southeast Asia.

At its global Zoomtopia, Zoom unveiled new platform innovations underpinned by powerful AI capabilities, aimed at helping organisations streamline the workday. Zoom’s breakthrough product, Zoom Docs, is an AI-powered, modular workspace built from the ground up for hybrid work. The new platform innovations and integrations are designed to drive impact with intelligence, enable flexible collaborationstrengthen customer relationships and build an open ecosystem with seamless integrations that give Zoom’s customers choice. (Business Today had previously filed a report about these developments which can be found here.)

“Grab’s digital transformation journey was guided by several key principles, including keeping user-centricity at the core and making data-driven decisions to understand consumer behaviour and optimise operations – both values which we also share with Zoom,” said Paul-Eric Licari, Regional Head, Group Business Development at Grab.

“Digital technology integration was a significant driver of this journey. Externally, integration with the Zoom platform helped us to better understand user needs and provide improved customer experiences across our offerings. Internally, Zoom facilitated collaboration between our cross-functional teams sitting in offices across the world. This helped us pool together our collective expertise to fuel innovation and solve complex problems at Grab.”

“Balancing the future involves navigating the AI revolution, as well as harnessing the power of collaboration and exploring a platform approach,” said Lucas Lu, Head of Asia at Zoom. “What organisations need to succeed in the modern work era is understanding how to drive impact with intelligence, make teamwork more meaningful and engaging while elevating the experiences for and relationships with customers.”

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