Limelight Gala – 50 Years of Brilliance

Launched in 1969, the “21st Century Collection” was both a collection and a manifesto. It crystallised an aesthetic revolution: the convergence of two types of savoir-faire, watchmaking and jewellery, thanks to the development of the 9P in 1957, a hand-wound
mechanical movement that was a mere 2 mm thick.

The larger dial suddenly opened up an infinite number of visual possibilities, which Piaget explored with unprecedented creativity. The dials of cuff watches and Swinging Sautoirs were covered in brightly coloured ornamental stones (malachite, opal, lapis lazuli, tiger-eye, etc.) and paired with textured solid gold bracelets. In 1973, barely four years after the iconic “21st Century Collection”, Piaget gave shape to the collection that would later become the Limelight Gala.

Instantly recognisable for its generous curves and the asymmetrical lugs of its bezel, set with precious stones, one side stretching upwards and the other down, the Limelight Gala stands out with its unique audacious look. Dubbed by some as a “fashion watch” at the time of its creation, Limelight Gala set the tempo for the incredible spirit of freedom that reigned in the Maison.

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