Targeted Subsidies Would Not Burden 90% Of Malaysians, Deputy Finance Minister

The government’s decision to implement targeted subsidies for certain goods or services is the best approach to ensure that assistance reaches intended groups, Deputy Finance Minister II Steven Sim Chee Keong said.

He said this approach is to prevent wastage as what had happened in the past when non-citizens took advantage of subsidies, leading to losses.

Sim said targeted subsidies would not burden 90 per cent of Malaysians.

“We want to ensure the funds used for subsidies are used in the right places… Whether it’s the B40 or M40 group, if they need it, we will implement targeted subsidies.

“The savings from these targeted subsidies will be reinvested, for example, through the Rahmah Cash Aid, for more schools, hospitals, to upgrade health clinics, and to provide assistance to Small and Medium Enterprises,” he said.

The Deputy Minister, however, said that this approach would be carried out in phases, along with studies conducted to ensure that its impact does not burden the majority of people.

Prior to this, Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli announced that the government expects the Targeted Subsidy Programme to be fully implemented next year.

Rafizi said the Central Database Hub (Padu) is expected to undergo trials from next month before opening to the public in January for verification of personal information.

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