Bermaz Auto To Surrender Peugeot Franchise To Stellantis

Bermaz Auto the distributer of various marquee automotive brands said it will surrender the Peugeot franchise upon the expiry of distribution agreement to Stellantis N.V., as the group is about to establish a new National Sales Company in Malaysia within the first quarter of 2024.

The new NSC will be the official Stellantis entity directing and managing the sale and distribution of the automaker’s vehicles in Malaysia. Bermaz Auto Alliance (BAA), a 55% owned subsidiary of Bermaz Auto Berhad (Bermaz Auto) and the current distributor for PEUGEOT in Malaysia will continue to work with Stellantisfor vehicle sales through its own network.

Daniel Gonzalez, Chief Operating Officer for ASEAN & General Distributors at Stellantis. Gonzalez expressed his appreciation for Bermaz Auto, emphasizing its pivotal role in establishing a strong presence for the PEUGEOT brand in Malaysia in the last three years

Bermaz said it will continue working with Stelllantis during this transition period, with both companies remaining steadfast in their commitment to serve PEUGEOT customers with uninterrupted vehicle service, parts, warranty, and aftersales service in Malaysia.

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