Explore Kota Bharu’s Booming Café Scene: A Culinary Adventure In Kelantan

Superdough B

Malaysia’s vibrant café culture has now expanded to Kota Bharu, Kelantan, offering unique spots for a delightful café-hopping experience. Here are some of the must-visit places:

Mika Coffee (formerly known as BAO2)

  • A rustic-style café with a nostalgic ambiance, serving steamed buns, fusion dishes, and excellent coffee.
  • Instagram Mika Coffee

Superdough B

  • A modern bakery-café with a minimalistic interior, specializing in croissants, bagels, and various sweet and savory pastries.
  • Instagram Superdoughb

To The Moon

  • A new café with an industrial look, open till late, known for its good vibes, great coffee, and Instagram-worthy shots.
  • Instagram Tothemoon.eats

Drum & Desk

  • A hipster café with modern interiors, a mezzanine floor, and a roastery, offering specialty coffee and comfort food.
  • Instagram Drumanddesk


  • A two-storey café with antique charm, offering delicious food and drinks that take you back in time.
  • Instagram kaitaicoffee


  • Inspired by the local slang, this café explores the budding coffee scene, open till midnight, and offers local street food.
  • Instagram Ngofee

Ruang Hijau

  • A versatile “green space” where you can enjoy coffee by the river in the evening or dine under the stars at night.
  • Instagram Ruang_hijauuu

The Layers

  • A cosy café with a classic theme, offering a range of dishes from Western to local, along with desserts and coffee.
  • Instagram TheLayer


  • A dessert haven for the sweet tooth, featuring rotating cakes, soft serves, and ice-shaven concoctions.
  • Instagram Yoohoo
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