Alipay, Fliggy Collaborate To Enhance Travel Experience For International Visitors To China

As the global and inbound tourism sectors show signs of recovery, Alipay, China’s leading digital payment and lifestyle service platform, and Fliggy, a prominent online travel platform in China, have joined forces to launch an exclusive marketing campaign aimed at elevating the travel experience for international visitors exploring China.

The collaboration was unveiled during the official overseas promotion of China’s Ice & Snow attractions in Kuala Lumpur. Alipay and Fliggy introduced air ticket coupons for international travelers, with the initial batch tailored for Malaysians heading to various destinations, including ice and snow attractions, across China.

As part of the campaign, Malaysians planning trips to China can download the Alipay app, search for keywords such as “ice,” “snow,” or “travel to China,” and claim the coupon in the Fliggy mini program within the Alipay app. The coupon offers a discount of up to RM68 for a single air ticket. The campaign is active from January 29 to February 17, with redemptions available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Ant Group Country Manager and Strategic Partnerships for Malaysia, Hannah Tan expressed the campaign’s goal of enhancing the travel experience for international visitors in China. The initiative aims to provide increased convenience for Malaysians using Touch ‘n Go eWallet or Alipay during their travels across the country.

With the surge in demand for cross-border travel, fueled by increased flight frequencies and favorable policies, the collaboration between Alipay and Fliggy aligns with the evolving landscape. To facilitate seamless payments, overseas tourists can download the Alipay app, bind an international credit or debit card, and enjoy various services, including shopping, transportation, and accommodation.

Furthermore, Alipay’s partnership with international card networks enhances payment services for global travelers. The collaboration includes marketing campaigns, discounts, and promotional offers, promoting the use of Alipay linked to international cards at Chinese mainland merchants.

Since 2022, Alipay has consistently expanded its offerings for international travelers, including partnerships with online travel agencies and the introduction of tour packages and travel guides on the Alipay app. The recent campaign with Fliggy reinforces Alipay’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and seamless payment experience for travelers exploring China.

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