Telekom Malaysia Grows On TM Global’s International Data Revenue Uptick, Unifi’s Converged Offerings

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) today (Feb 23) announced earning a higher revenue and profitability reflecting a positive growth momentum.

TM’s Group Chief Executive Officer Amar Huzaimi Md Deris, at a news conference today (Feb 24), said Unifi maintains its leadership in converged offerings of fixed broadband, mobile services,  digital content and solutions for both consumers and MSMEs, recording RM5.66 billion in  revenue.

Unifi’s fixed broadband segment grew 3.1% to 3.13 million subscribers, driven by strategic convergence campaigns and aggressive customer retention efforts.

Unifi’s latest offering, the #Unstoppable UNI5G Postpaid and Mobile Family Plans, is designed  to enhance the 5G connectivity experience for Malaysians.

“The newly launched Unifi TV  Originals provides a wide array of unique, diverse and locally tailored content for an enriched  experience for Malaysian viewers. These further contribute to the Group’s true convergence  proposition, providing better value to all customers. 

“:As a preferred partner to more than 400,000 MSMEs nationwide, Unifi Business continues to  accelerate digital adoption by providing tailor-made solutions, offering them the tools and  support needed to thrive in the digital economy.

Looking ahead, Unifi will further cement its role as a leader in convergence to deliver unmatched converged digital services.

TM One drives innovative solutions for enterprise 

TM One continues to navigate the market complexities while exploring new growth  opportunities. Despite decreased revenue to RM3.14 billion in FY2023, its 4Q23 results showed an increase in revenue of 17.3% versus 3Q23, driven by a surge in solution-based  customer projects, Amar Huzaimi said.

TM One has partnered with PLANMalaysia to equip 29 city councils with smart technologies  for sustainable and connected urban environment. It was also appointed as the preferred  converged digital infrastructure partner for the Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation (SDEC) to materialise aspirations towards the growth of Sarawak’s digital economy. 

Moving forward, TM One is poised to remain at the forefront of supporting and enabling the  digital infrastructure for both government entities and enterprises. With a focus on innovation  and strategic partnerships, TM One is set to play a significant role in Malaysia’s digital  transformation journey.

TM Global positions Malaysia as a digital hub for the region

TM Global posted a solid financial performance in FY2023. Its revenue rose 8.7% to RM3.10 billion, primarily from an increase in international data revenue, driven by managed  wavelength services for hyperscalers, alongside an uptick in domestic data services. 

In the domestic landscape, TM Global continues to expand 5G backhaul sites and High-Speed  Broadband (HSBB) Access coverage in accelerating digital inclusivity nationwide. Globally, it recorded a year-on-year 30Tbps bandwidth growth and delivered a mega requirement of more  than 35Tbps long-term leased connectivity for US-based hyperscaler.

TM Global will continue to broaden its digital infrastructure solutions and forge strategic  alliances with global carriers to position Malaysia as a digital hub for the region, facilitating  seamless digital connectivity and services across borders.

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