KWSP Site Goes Down On Dividend Announcement Day

The KWSP or the Employment Provident Fund website goes under maintenance on the day the government body was to announce the dividend for 2023, although the EPF released its important stats on its social media for context referral was directed to the website which obviously was down.

EPF declared for 2023 the total dividend for conventional savings was 5.5% which was higher than 2022 while the shariah dividend was 5.4% also an increase from the previous year. While a more detailed breakdown on where and how the statutory body had used the investment, we will probably have to wait for the web management team to fix the website which could be overwhelmed with traffic till it busted and broke down.

We suppose being such a large entity with near limitless resources, EPF would have invested in a more robust server system that can handle traffic no matter the size, after all it did announce the release of when the dividend will be announced to the public weeks ago.

This will be something for the new CEO to look into as on his big first time declaring the group’s dividend the site goes down, this is pretty embarrassing we would say.

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