Bosch Opens First Flagship Experience Centre In Petaling Jaya

Bosch, a globally trusted brand in the home  appliance sector, today (Mac 5) officially opened its very first Bosch Flagship Experience Centre in Selangor’s central business district and commercial hub in Damansara  Utama.

This opening marks an important milestone for the brand, further solidifying its position as a leader in the premium home appliances segment.

“Our Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) strategy and the concept of the Experience  Centre has long been tried and tested in many other countries by Bosch, proven  to work in staying close with our consumers while presenting the way of living  sustainably #LikeABosch. Our primary focus is on people. We aim to empower  our consumers with an up-close experience of using Bosch home appliances.  With our home technology, we want to improve the quality of life by freeing up  more time with the loved ones, turning a house chore into an experience, and  transforming a home space into a living space. With this opening, Bosch is committed to further expanding into the Malaysian households,” said Gary Te,  Chief Executive Officer of Bosch Home Appliances Malaysia, in a statement.

Newest Bosch home technology arrives in Malaysia

The 7,000 sq ft Bosch Flagship Experience Centre is a one-stop sales and customer service centre. A step into the centre immediately brings the feeling of  home as the centre was a residential bungalow unit and is designed to resemble  a modern-day contemporary home.

The centre offers a complete range of Bosch home appliances including the  newest series 8 ovens that are guided by automation with Artificial Intelligence,  as well as the Bosch Home Connect corner which demonstrates a smart home  with connected appliances that can be controlled with a phone, tablet, voice and  other devices.

Focusing on consumer’s experience

Consumers can discover the latest collection of home appliances at the  experience center, while children enjoy themselves in a designated play area  equipped with toy kitchen machines.

To enhance the awareness of German engineering, a creative anamorphic  structure featuring Bosch dishwasher and its inner components is displayed in  the middle of the Experience Centre. Paired with detailed explanations from  product specialists, this display is designed to help consumers easily understand  how the World’s No.1 Brand for Dishwashers* optimise water and energy  consumption.

To elevate the experience, there is also a live kitchen area where various  experiential activities such as baking classes, workshops, or corporate events  can be conducted, comfortably accommodating up to 30 people.

Stronger business presence

Bosch as a technology leader has more than a century of presence in Malaysia,  while its home appliances division has been established in the country for 17  years.

“Investment is made to develop this emerging market as we see great potential  of Malaysia contributing greatly to the ASEAN sales. Being the leader in the  premium home appliances segment in Malaysia, we see the opportunity to grow  our market share given the rising demand of better lifestyle and improved quality  of life,” said Martin Jaeger, Chief Executive Officer of Bosch Home Appliances  ASEAN.

Klauss Landhaeusser, Managing Director of Bosch Malaysia added that as of 31  December 2022, the Bosch group has employed about 4,200 associates and  made a total of RM400 million (86.2 million euro) investment in Malaysia.

He  said, “Through Bosch investments in our people and the business, we are  committed to developing our presence in Malaysia with a forward-looking vision  driven by ‘Invented for Life’. I thank the continued trust and support from our  associates partners and customers.”

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