Datasonic, Korea Trade Network Seek To Secure Public Procurement System Projects

Datasonic Group Berhad, and Korea Trade Network have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding aiming to securing and jointly executing Public Procurement System projects in Malaysia.

CEO Danny Chew said KTNET has been designated as the National Paperless Trade Platform Operator, Customs Network Service Operator, and electronic Bill of Lading Registry and Purchase Certificate Issuing Agency by the South Korean government. Leveraging the expertise and resources of each party, both our company and KTNET will delegate tasks effectively and undertake pre-sales activities within Malaysia.

Through this partnership, both companies will address any other matters requiring cooperation for the successful execution of the Projects. This includes but is not limited to, technological integration, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency.

He also further clarified, “Datasonic and our partner KTNET are committed to delivering high-quality solutions and services that meet the evolving needs of the Malaysian public procurement landscape. The collaboration signifies a strategic alignment of capabilities, paving the way for innovative solutions and enhanced service offerings in the realm of public procurement.”

“We believe that this collaboration will not only benefit both parties but also contribute positively to the advancement of the public procurement system in Malaysia. By combining both our strengths and resources, we aim to set new standards of excellence in the field of e-Procurement.”

Both parties look forward to a fruitful partnership and are committed to working closely together to achieve shared goals and objectives. The signing of the MoU marks the beginning of a promising journey towards mutual growth and success.

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