Global Experts Convene At Sunway University To Discuss On The Planets Health

Sunway University will be playing host to the Planetary Health Alliance which is a consortium of more than 400 universities, non- governmental organisations, research institutes, and government entities from around the world at this years Planetary Health Annual Meeting 2024.

One of the key initiatives of the meeting is to address the major challenges faced by human civilisation and use the platform to showcase change-making science, stories, solutions, and communities. Held every 18 months, PHAM will bring together scientists, policymakers, educators, young leaders, civil society and NG0s, medical practitioners, private sector representatives, and concerned citizens to foster connections, exchange ideas and engage in collaborative effort to amplify the momentum of the decade-long planetary health movement. Previous hosts of this meeting were Harvard, Stanford, Sao Paolo and Edinburgh Universities.

For the first time this global forum is coming to Asia and will be co-hosted, with PHA, by the Sunway Centre for Planetary Health at Sunway University with the theme “From Evidence to Action: Confronting Reality”. The Summit will take place on Sunway campus from 16 to 19 April 2024.   
PHAM 2024 will feature an innovative agenda with experiential learning in Malaysian nature, distinguished keynote speakers, cartoon capture of key discussions, and a lineup of special events and lightning talks. While honouring its academic origins, this gathering will also emphasise planetary health’s transformative role in accelerating the translation of science-based evidence into popular discourse.  In addition, the event will feature the launch of three publications – the Planet Saving Meals Cookbook, the Planetary Health Playbook and a Planetary Health Roadmap. The aspirations arising from the meeting will be captured in a Kuala Lumpur Call to Action on Planetary Health to be issued on 19 April. 
Executive Director of Sunway Centre for Planetary Health and the driving force behind PHAM 2024, Professor Tan Sri Dr Jemilah Mahmood shared, “Sunway University recognises that we need to act now. While we are pleased that we are able to host this event at the university, we are convinced that this Summit must not be simply a talking shop or purely an opportunity to showcase Malaysia. We are here to work, to debate issues essential to the ability of planet and people to thrive together. Sunway University’s focus on integrating sustainability into every aspect of our operation and culture is a significant enabler and example of what can be done.”
Tan Sri Jemilah added “At this 6 th Planetary Health Annual Meeting, the message will be clear: Science must be transformational, crafted for action, and communicated in ways understandable to the public and accessible and useful to decision-makers.”

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