Maxis Engages Nokia To Build Its 5G Core Ecosystem

Maxis Berhad is collaborating with Nokia on two areas for its network enhancement namely on network security and reliability as well as a partner to build part its’ 5G Core ecosystem.

As part of the collaboration, Maxis said it will work with Nokia to explore the implementation of newer technologies to further fortify Maxis’ networks, strengthening security and reliability. This includes quantum-safe optical networking that protects against threats by both classical and quantum computers.

In addition, both companies will explore innovation around facilitating efficient and scalable connectivity across cloud environments to bolster network security, with the strengthened security to also benefit enterprise customers. These measures are in line with the growing demand for network infrastructure that can support robust interconnectivity and seamless cross-border data exchange, backed by more secure optical data centres.

Maxis said it also engaged Nokia as a key partner to build part of its 5G Core ecosystem to meet future connectivity needs. This includes utilising cloud-native solutions that will enable it to fully leverage 5G capabilities, with greater functionality, reliability, and efficiency to power next generation 5G offerings.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Maxis to enhance its network infrastructure. This partnership will unlock opportunities for both parties to jointly explore and succeed in network infrastructure segments, such as fixed networks, IP and optical networks, capitalising on the growing demand for data centres, 5G and computing power in the country, in line with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) wave,” said Ngiam Ming Kin, Head of Network Infrastructure for Asia South, Nokia.

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