NRES Developing MyNAP To Address Climate Change Challenges

“The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (NRES), in collaboration with international organisations and local agencies, is currently developing the National Adaptation Plan (MyNAP).

This document will serve as a fundamental guide for formulating the country’s action strategy to address the impacts of climate change such as floods, rising sea levels, coastal erosion, and drought.” the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources said in a statement in response towards Datuk Seri Amirudin bin Shari, representing Gombak, inquiry regarding the government’s stance on the Sixth Assessment Report released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in March 2023.

The report underscores the vulnerabilities faced by developing countries, especially in Southeast Asia, including heightened risks of flooding, drought, rising sea levels, and loss of biodiversity.

Facing these challenges, the government has implemented both short-term and long-term adaptation measures to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Efforts include the implementation of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) such as mangrove planting and urban greening, alongside the construction of seawalls to protect coastal areas.

Additionally, initiatives to strengthen flood mitigation structures and enhance river basin development are underway through projects led by the Ministry of Energy and Water Transition and Water Transformation.

Furttermore, to monitor weather conditions, the Malaysian Meteorological Department (MET Malaysia) has initiated adaptation measures such as daily monitoring of maximum temperatures and tracking days without rain.

Enhanced forecasting systems also provide information on areas at risk of forest and peatland fires.

The government’s unwavering commitment to reducing vulnerability and enhancing resilience to climate change underscores its proactive approach to long-term planning. By prioritising the safety of its citizens and minimising property loss, the government aims to build a sustainable future for Malaysia.

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