Petra: Green Electricity Tariff Gets More Premium Competitive Rates

The Green Electricity Tariff (GET) Programme will continue this year with a quota of 6,600GWh at a premium rate of 10sen/kWh for medium and high voltage users who are now using the low voltage bracket which stands at 20 cents/kWh.

The GET programme is a strategic initiative by the Government to offer electricity supply generated from Renewable Energy sources (TBB) to Tenaga Nasional Berhad’s (TNB) electricity users who are interested in reducing the carbon footprint.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Energy Transition And Water Transformation (PETRA) today (Apr 8), said since its introduction in 2021, the GET Programme has been successful in supplying a cumulative amount of 6,762 GWh of green electricity supply to 2,461 users under various categories and helps them fulfil their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments, especially from the aspect of avoiding greenhouse gas emissions (GHG avoidance) through the use of  the said green electricity.

Following the encouraging response and international recognition received, the ministry along with the Energy Commission (EC) has re-examined the operations and basic principles of the subscription based programme to maintain the confidence of GET users.

In line with general demand towards ESG commitments, as required by corporate companies, the government has decided that:

(i) users who subscribe to the GET Programme in 2024 will not be charged an Imbalance Cost Pass Through (ICPT) charge for actual energy units used;

(ii) GET’s new tariff for the year 2024 is set at a rate of 10sen/kWh for low voltage residential and low voltage non-residential users which includes Tariff Trade B, Industry D, Mining H, Agriculture Spec F as well as G & G Street Lamps; and 20 cents/kWh for non-residential consumers using medium and high voltage (Trade tariffs C1, C2, C3 & C4, Industrial E1, E2 & E3, Mining H1 & H2 as well Specific Agriculture F1 & F2) compared to the rate of 21.8sen/kWh last year;

(iii) For those interested, subscription can be made from May 3, 2024 through the myTNB portal and users are allowed to backdate the subscription period beginning January 1, 2024. Note that, the backdated subscription option will only be given for subscriptions made from May 3, 2024 to May 31, 2024;

(iv) any users who lock in their GET subscription period until December 31 every year will have their subscription automatically renewed annually for a period of one year if there is no termination of the subscription within that time;

(v) income from the execution of this programme will be used to accelerate the country’s energy transition efforts under aims to increase renewable energy capacity (TBB) such as the implementation of the Solar Rakyat Incentive Scheme (SolaRIS) which was recently introduced; and

(vi) details of this programme can be found on the TNB website.

PETRA is confident that Malaysian corporate companies will have a higher confidence level for the GET Programme since the process of offering and handling GET complies with the principles and criteria of sustainability, especially from the aspect of energy generation and supply of green electricity.

The GET subscription upgrade adds more value in supporting national energy transition efforts through the development and increase of new energy capacity within the country’s electricity supply to meet the ESG requirements of the corporate sector.

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