China Says EU’s Move To Investigate Wind Turbine Subsidy Allegations Could Harm Trade Relations

An official from China’s Ministry of Commerce lodged serious representations to the European Commission here on Wednesday on EU’s recent moves that it said affects bilateral trade relations.

This comes from the EU initiating subsidy investigations into Chinese wind turbine suppliers under its Foreign Subsidies Regulation (FSR), marking the fourth probe targeting Chinese firms in just two months.

The investigations under the FSR China said solely targeted Chinese new energy-related companies, with apparent objectives, noting that such actions not only undermine these companies’ confidence in the European market and could hinder the mutually beneficial cooperation between the two continents in various industries, but also impact global efforts to combat climate change and the process of green transition.

The spokesperson said EU has distorted the definition of subsidies and its procedural standards lack transparency and public accessibility, said the official, stressing that those actions are protectionist practices done in the name of fair competition.

China affirmed that it is strongly dissatisfied and firmly opposes these actions, urging the EU to immediately stop and rectify such wrongful practices.

Commenting on EUs report that stated “significant state-induced distortions” in the Chinese economy, the official criticised the EU for misinterpreting China’s policies, market environment and economic system. The official added that the report aims to create excuses for subsequent discriminatory anti-dumping measures.

The official also pointed out that the World Trade Organization’s rules do not contain such concepts as significant distortions and related criteria, stressing that the EU’s assessments are inconsistent with facts and bring negative impact and uncertainties to China-EU economic and trade relations.

China said it will closely monitor EU actions and reserves the right to take all necessary measures.

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