Foreign Exchange Rates Apr 18, 2024

The closing Foreign Exchange rates (from Bank Negara) as at 5pm, Apr 18 are as presented below:  

Foreign Currency Units[=1 Malaysian ringgit]BuyingSelling
1 U.S. Dollar4.7814.786
1 Australian Dollar3.08233.0865
1 Brunei Dollar3.51673.5225
1 Canadian Dollar3.47533.48
100 Cambodian Riel0.11740.1188
1 Chinese Renminbi0.66050.6612
1 EURO5.10425.1114
100 Hong Kong Dollar61.056161.1223
100 Indonesian Rupiah0.02950.0296
100 Japanese Yen3.09733.1007
100 Korean Won0.34790.3484
100 Phillippine Peso8.35698.3686
100 Saudi Arabian Riyal127.4492127.5892
1 Singapore Dollar3.51673.5225
1 Swiss Franc5.26025.2692
100 Taiwanese New Dollar14.753414.7826
100 Thai Baht13.004213.0214
1 U.K. Pound5.96245.9715
100 Vietnamese Dong0.01880.0188
1 IMF Special Drawing Right
1 New Zealand Dollar2.83422.8391
100 Myanmar Kyat0.22830.2286
100 Indian Rupee5.72325.7299
100 United Arab Emirates Dirham UAE130.1696130.3412
100 Pakistan Rupee1.71451.72
100 Nepalese Rupee3.5773.5813
1 Egyptian Pound0.09840.0987
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