Global Unified Response Needed As World Confronts Increasingly Fragmented Landscape: Anwar

There is a greater need for global unified response as the world confronts an increasingly fragmented landscape that threatens collective security and prosperity.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said this today (May 6), on escalating threats, among others like cyberattacks, environmental concerns and the scarcity of resources, are pushing the world towards an unprecedented turning point, demanding a unified response.

“The digital realm, our so-called second reality, faces relentless cyberattacks that threaten to compromise our most sensitive data, undermining our security and the trust upon which our societies and economies stand. Environmental concerns and the scarcity of resources exacerbate these tensions. Climate change is not a distant threat but a present crisis, impacting food security, causing natural disasters and displacing communities.

“As societies wobble under these pressures, the spectre of crumbling economies looms large, undermining the prospects of future prosperity,” he said at the opening of the Defence Services Asia (DSA) 2024 and National Security Asia (Natsec ASIA) 2024 at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (Mitec) in Kuala Lumpur today.

Anwar added it is clear that the challenges the world is facing now are not isolated, but interconnected elements of a broader global crisis.

He said it also demands a collective response and strategy and the DSA and NATSEC Asia 2024 shine as beacons of hope and should be utilised as a platform to spur collective resolve to confront and overcome the complexities of modern defence, and security landscapes.

“Our theme, “Building Resilient Nations for the Next Generation,” challenges us to look beyond our own horizons and innovate in ways that fortify our nations against multifaceted threats.

“It is a clarion call to lay the groundwork for a better world where tomorrow’s generations can thrive in peace, safeguarded by the robust defences and strategic partnerships we cultivate today,” he said.

Anwar also calls on local defence industries to seize this opportunity to showcase their capabilities and innovations on the global stage. Their dedication and ingenuity have been instrumental in shaping Malaysia’s defence landscape, and thus, this is the time for them to demonstrate their expertise.

“I urge all participants to come together, to share knowledge, to innovate, to exchange new technologies and ideas, and to forge partnerships. I believe that the events and deliberations over the next three days will serve as catalysts for positive change, towards a secure future for us and for the generations to follow,” he said.

Meanwhile, Anwar said Malaysia will remain firm on the issue of neutrality in terms of its foreign policy to ensure peace and stability within the world.

On emphasising the importance of regional collaboration within Asean, he said: “Malaysia has specifically been living a very forceful foreign policy position, observing the importance of peace and neutrality. Malaysia continues to establish excellent relations with the countries in the West, United States and European countries, forging greater collaboration with Africa, Latin America and extending our strategic partnership to China, India and the rest of Asia.”

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