RSK Supports Sustainability Drive With Centre For Technology Excellence Sarawak 

RSK has announced a new sustainability partnership with the Centre for Technology Excellence Sarawak (CENTEXS) in Malaysia. 

This collaboration involves working on a range of sustainability projects with the Sarawak Government, with RSK drawing on its network of environmental and engineering professionals in more than 200 companies and on six continents.

One such initiative is a shoe-making artisanry course developed by Dodi Mohammad, from Tradisi Busana PR Sendirian Berhad, the publicist (Malaysia) representing world-renowned designer Prof. Datuk (Dr) Jimmy Choo OBE. The course draws inspiration from Prof Choo’s legacy and his philosophy of “Creativity Through Skills” with the curriculum personally approved by the shoe maestro.

CENTEXS, with the goal of incorporating sustainability across all its courses, has agreed to make the shoe-making artisanry course the pilot programme for integrating a sustainability module. RSK will provide support to CENTEXS, the Sarawak Government, and the Shoe Making Artisanry course by sharing their global sustainability expertise. 

RSK Board Director Ian Goodacre, who leads the group’s APAC growth strategy, said: “This collaboration represents an exciting opportunity for RSK to work with CENTEXS and the Sarawak Government to help them achieve their sustainability goals. CENTEXS wishes to embed sustainability in all aspects of its work and, in particular, with its students who are future business leaders.” 

Following the recent signing of a memorandum of understanding, representatives from RSK and Prof Choo engaged with students enrolled in the shoe-making artisan course.

RSK also hosted a sustainability roundtable with the students to brainstorm ideas on leveraging their fashion careers and future footwear brands to advance the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, working towards the vision of a “Made In Sarawak Consortium”. This collaboration signifies a significant step towards fostering sustainability and innovation in the field of artisanry, showcasing the power of partnership in driving positive change.

CENTEXS Chief Executive Officer Datuk Haji Syeed Mohd Hussien Bin Wan Abd Rahman said: “The signing of a memorandum of understanding with RSK gives me an immense pleasure to have access and opportunity to work strongly together on specifically ESG programmes and technologies. 

“This will inevitably be in sync with Sarawak’s leadership dream to be a leader in SDG both at national and international front. As a wise man once said, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Indeed, CENTEXS and the RSK Group have taken that first step.”

The RSK-CENTEXS collaboration is one that is expected to evolve, but it has been agreed that the work will focus on:

  • climate change mitigation, adaptation and risk management
  • biodiversity strategy and nature-based solutions
  • environmental, social and governance (ESG) measurement, reporting and verification for certifications and regulatory compliance
  • ESG research for evidence-based policy and regulation
  • sustainability education and training.

Dr Robert Charnock, Director of the RSK-funded Metis Institute for Climate Strategy, said CENTEXS will play a key role in creating the labour force that can deliver Sarawak’s Post COVID-19 Development Strategy 2030. 

He said: “RSK will be supporting this by providing expertise in the green skills and training required across the Sarawak Post COVID-19 Development Strategy’s six key economic sectors: manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, forestry, mining and social services.

“In addition, CENTEXS supports the Sarawak Government strategy by developing applied research and solutions on implementing the State Government’s 2030 strategy. This is another core area for collaboration with RSK, which brings an extensive track record in sustainability regulation and policy.”

Dr Charnock, the RSK lead for the CENTEXS relationship, has already conducted a knowledge transfer workshop on climate change with Malaysia’s joint committee of three financial regulators.

He added that CENTEXS is also tasked with exploring and demonstrating the commercial viability of innovative green technologies. The Kuching campus will host pilot projects on solar, wind and cascading hydrogen power. 

“As the Sarawak Government continues to explore the vast landscape of green energy and technology, RSK will be on standby to support in creating pilot projects, testing commercial viability and delivering training in these cutting-edge technologies.”

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