#LexTech Charts the Way for Law of the Future

Nearly 200 Malaysian and regional lawyers, innovators and technologists gathered under one roof for the inaugural LexTech Conference 2017 (#LexTech17) at the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC). It provided an unparalleled platform for legal practitioners and legal tech innovators to share technologies and innovative solutions that shapes the provision of legal services in the 21st century.

George Varughese, President of the Malaysian Bar mentioned that it is the opportune time for the conference to unify the platform in discussing and connecting, especially with the belief that legal tech will be the next frontier of innovation. He also stated that the conference is in line with the Bar Council’s commitment to excellence of continuously update themselves in the face of progress.

“With legal tech companies like CanLaw organising conferences like this, I believe in the near future, Malaysia too will catch up with the rest of the region. I think if lawyers are more informed of the benefits of technology and how it can actually assist them to become even more productive, I think given time they would embrace technology,” he continued.

Highlights of #LexTech17 include:

  • In-depth look into the role of regulators and accelerators in legal innovation
  • A fundamental introduction to blockchain, smart contracts and how it changes the practice of contract law
  • An expert panel of whether the introduction of AI in the legal industry might replace lawyers
  • Fruitful discussions on the dispute resolution mechanisms and law firms of tomorrow and how lawyers can future-proof themselves
  • Six separate sessions led by accomplished speakers on topics ranging from ICOs to AI demos


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