Barracuda Acquires Sonian Inc.

Barracuda Networks, Inc. has announced that it has acquired the privately held Sonian Inc, a leading provider of public cloud archiving and business insights. The acquisition will deepen Barracuda’s cloud archiving and email security and management capabilities as well as expand Barracuda’s channel reach with the addition of key OEM partners.

Sonian’s archiving and analytics capabilities enable customers to preserve, access and act on communications data and apply those insights to their business to reduce risks and increase productivity. With it, businesses can identify potential threats in communications data before they escalate into larger problems. Adding these capabilities to Barracuda’s security platform, will deepen the security and data protection offering to customers in their Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud environments.

“The Sonian platform will enable us to continue to drive differentiation and leadership as customers move to Office 365. Furthermore, we believe there is an opportunity to integrate Sonian’s analytics and AI with our data protection portfolio. Combined with our leading security solutions, it will provide a more complete solution to the market,” states BJ Jenkins, CEO and President of Barracuda.

Highlights of Sonian and the combination include:

  • Purpose-Built Cloud Platform: Sonian provides a powerful platform enabling rapid expansion and high reliability via Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other public clouds.
  • Cloud Archiving: The combined cloud archiving capabilities are powerful, yet easy-to-use for both customers and partners, which is increasingly important as companies look to SaaS-based solutions to fulfil their regulatory, policy compliance, and data preservation needs.
  • Business Insights: Barracuda intends to leverage Sonian’s analytics and AI across the security and data protection portfolio to give partners and customers actionable insights into their data.
  • Extended Channel Reach: Sonian’s platform was designed for OEMs, managed service providers (MSPs) and end-user customers from the ground up with white-label and administrative APIs for easy and automatic deployments.
  • Customers: Sonian brings over 32,000 new customers to Barracuda as well as partnerships with large MSPs and software companies.


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