Future of Industries Takes Centre Stage at GECommunity Summit

GECommunity Summit 2017 takes place at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 12 to 13 December 2017. Running its second year, the summit hosts 50 local and international speakers, 330 exhibitors, 20 keynote and panel discussions, and up to 100 GEC Lab sessions. The summit aims to serve as a comprehensive platform to strengthen the thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem by inspiring and facilitating innovations.

“Entrepreneurship is the vehicle in designing the future of industries,” said Tan Sri Dr Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah, Secretary-General of Treasury, Ministry of Finance Malaysia as well as Chairman of GECommunity Summit 2017. “Strengthening the ecosystem is no easy feat. That is why we’re bringing various parties with different roles, expertise, and initiatives to join forces in making this summit a success.”

“We are bringing together parties within the local, regional, and international entrepreneurship ecosystems under one roof to transform and enhance sectors and industries. Success to us is when we meet the objective of the summit, which is when conversations and ideas that are sparked at the summit translate into solutions that ultimately transform sectors. We have to walk the talk,” said Tan Sri Irwan.

GECommunity Summit 2017 is initiated by the Ministry of Finance (MoF), organised by the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC), and in collaboration with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Malaysia (MOSTI) and the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia (MOHE) with the Global Entrepreneurship Movement (GEM) as the community partner.


Apart from Professor W. Chan Kim and Professor Renee Mauborgne, other keynote speakers who will be sharing their knowledge and experience at the summit are Michio Kaku, world-renowned Theoretical Physicist and Futurist; Sophie Hackford, Futurist and Researcher; Fleur Pellerin, Founder of Korelya Capital; Dr Julian Hosp, Co-founder and President at TenX; Steven Hoffman, Chief Executive Officer of Founders Space; Boyd Cohen, Deputy Director of Research at EADA Business School Barcelona; and Arvind Gupta, Chief Technology Officer of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The summit will feature 20 keynote sessions, panel discussions, and fireside chats; 6 Masterclasses; and up to 100 GEC Labs taking place throughout the two-day summit. Topics will largely orbit around:

  • The current and emerging needs of developing and developed communities so that ideas are designed through intentional action and participation by the community;
  • Rich insights and lessons of the global entrepreneurship community so that programmes to accelerate conversion of ideas can be built from the past for action today;
  • The rapid changes in technology development, adoption, and deployment so that GECommunity can build and sharpen a future for entrepreneurs shaped by local, regional, and global forces



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