Dyson launches new purifying fans

Dyson releases the new Dyson Pure Cool purifying fans, bringing together Dyson’s expertise in airflow, filtration and electronics to indoor air pollution and purify every corner of the room. The purifying fans come in two formats. There is a large tower format for floor placement, and a small desk format for worktops. It automatically purifies the whole room, capturing gases and 99.95% of ultrafine particles.

Paul Dawson, Vice President for Dyson Health and Beauty, says: “At Dyson we develop machines for real people and real homes, creating technology that works well in the test lab but more importantly doing what they’re expected to do in a real-world setting. To clean the air at home, a purifier needs more than a filter. It needs to automatically sense pollution, capture gases and ultrafine particles, and project clean air to every corner of the room. The Dyson Pure Cool purifying fan does all of this, making it the only purifier fan to clean a whole room properly.”

Among the features is a new LCD display that shows which particles and gases the purifying fan is automatically sensing in real time. A unique Dyson algorithm processes the input from three sensors and then displays air quality readings. A separate sensor detects the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds, such as benzene and formaldehyde, emitted from paint, burning candles and materials in furniture present. A third sensor measures relative humidity and temperature.

It is also the only purifier with Air Multiplier technology and 350-degree oscillation, allowing it to project clean air to every corner of the room. By expanding the degree of oscillation to 350-degrees and using Air Multiplier technology, the machine can project 290 litres of purified air per second to every corner of the room. In fan mode a baffle stays in place to deliver a powerful, frontward stream of purified air.

Available for iOS and Android, the Dyson Link app enables you to track indoor and outdoor pollution, temperature and humidity levels. You can also use it to control your machine and see how many hours of filter life you have left. The new machines come with full Over the Air Update Capability (OTA), meaning Dyson owners can continue to get the most advanced Dyson software even after purchasing the machine.


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